Why I’m creating THICKK Magazine

I can only speak from experience...the experience of a size 6 (sometimes 8) woman that her entire 30-something years on this earth, has been trained by society that the only way to be truly beautiful is to be slim or underweight.

The experience of reading hundreds upon hundreds of magazines over many many years that feature only size 0 -4 models.

The experience of being a certified modeling instructor HERSELF for over 4 + years at a modeling school, training over 1,000 women on how to truly be beautiful on the inside and outside, to know that the modeling industry now represents petite models and size 14 +“plus size” models...the IG loving Instafamous fitness models, the Glamour almost Porn Style models, but where are the fit, sexy, HEALTHY mid-sized models represented? Not much anywhere is what I have seen.

We are told to lose weight to get much smaller, or if we are destructive with our diets and exercise habits, we may go up, but usually our weight does NOT fluctuate to either extreme. So we remain lost in a size range that judges us and SUITS no one, affecting our self esteem, other’s perceptions of us as "doing something wrong or not being good enough" (YES we are dieting and being ORGANIC!), and doesn’t even really respect us as having, in my personal opinion, the body of a PERFECT FEMININE WOMAN.

But even more is NOT ABOUT the is about a Curvy Woman that is EMPOWERED. Is that you?

The goal of THICKK Magazine, which is to be co-created with my great friend and fellow THICKK-spiration! Carla Morais is to “CELEBRATE the Modern Power Woman with Curves Making Moves!”

THICKK women of all ages, races, backgrounds, who have careers, dreams and goals that resonate with helping others, becoming stronger LEADERS in the process.

We define THICKK-NESS as a Depth in a woman's personality and awareness of culture, knowledge, art, fashion, business, herself and the WORLD.


Smart sexy powerful women that don’t sell SEX, they represent the MODERN DAY POWER WOMAN, who juggle a career WITH the power of their looks & sex appeal. Women who have something to say and want to be sophisticatedly FIERCE about it.

Complex, interesting women who truly represent a love for the MIND - BODY and SOUL by being all three and not settling for the peer pressures of society on women, but who respect their health but WILL eat a damn cheeseburger (but it will be organic! Because we DO care.)

Inspirational beautiful women doing the RIGHT THING with their bodies and feeling good about it.

Our Ideal women is the Mid-Size model somewhere between size 6-12, women who are both slender + curvy + strong, who are FEMININE..who are not excessive with exercise or plastic surgery, but naturally themselves (with some perks at times) and who KNOW themselves, who have the body of a mix of a Renaissance woman, with a beauty of a mother, and the glory of a GODDESS with the MIND to match.

That is my kind of woman.

Emily Correa  Chief Editor in Chief, THICKK Magazine