The Artist's Business School by IX - Chapter 1: Staying Inspired by Xa'Vonni

When I was a child, my big requests every Christmas were crayon-colored pencils and blank drawing pads. I had the mind of an artist even back then. For me, seeing the endless colors all displayed like rainbow-hued candy inspired my young creative mind, and helped me make sense of the world around me.

I expressed myself as I drew... with each passing year, I experimented with different forms of art while observing the world’s interaction and connection with the creative part of society, not really sure where it would all lead.

My love for the arts started with drawing, of which I had a strong eye-hand coordination, drawing comics and cartoons! then moved unto devouring hundreds of books, soon enough a fascination for writing grew within me.

My interest then turned to poetry, which led me to create over 80 poems in my teens.

Finally, when I was 16 years old, I became obsessed with acting and theater, with which I truly fell in love, and felt creatively free. I received classical acting training through various scholarships and completed 10 plays in only a couple years.

That led to teaching within the arts and fashion. I ended up teaching 1,000 young women all about the industry, their signature runway walk and modeling.

Ultimately, what truly inspired me was the psychology of an artist, their contributions to society and the business side of the industry. I chose to give back to the artistic community as a thought leader and life/business coach, in a niche I was once part of and knew so well.

Now, I got to design this amazing, healing, guiding tool to inspire all artists. I now feel higher levels of understanding about my creative purpose. I am truly living “inspired.”

That is what art does to the honest, brave and self-aware person. It allows people to reach into the innermost core of who they are as creative beings.

At your most deepest core, you are a creative being because you were created by an introspective universe that wanted to explore the meaning of the world through you.

As your coach, I ask you the following:

1. What first inspired you to express yourself through your art?


2. What are you truly creating with your work?


3. At this moment, name the top 10 ideas, images or words that inspire you to create your art?


Chapter 1 Affirmation: Stay Inspired

“I am creative because I was created. It is my natural state to receive inspiration from it all, then to inspire others with my art.

When I do this, I know I am continuously supporting the process of creation and living inspirationally.”