Spotlight on NYC Industrial Designer, Mak Yilut

"I am known for very conceptualizing practical designs without hindering aesthetics". - Mak Yilut

Who are you as a Designer? Tell us more:

I believe in the functionality of a product. A design needs to be as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

I am known for "very conceptualizing practical designs without hindering aesthetics". Throughout my college years, I challenged project which I believe benefits to society.

Examples of this will be the exoskeleton I designed for urban rescuers, Heat alerter for the blind and prosthesis for astronauts. 

What degree did you have to pursue to get into this field? Where did you do it?

In order to become an product designer, I needed to pursue an industrial design degree. I believe America is one of the pioneers in terms of technology and products which is why I chose to come here, enrolled into Pratt institute, one of the best schools for industrial design in the states.

Industrial design is a four year degree with one year of foundation. Through out our studies, we were require to start learning from the ground up.

We started off our education with designing and making real physical things with our own hands.

Slowly, we became experts in designing and production.

Who are all the big clients you have worked with?

Sam’s Club, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Home goods, Target, Burlington, Home Goods, Ross, family dollar, Marshalls and Ollie's.

What has is the most interesting project you have accomplished?

One of the interesting projects I have worked on is the exoskeleton I designed. It was designed with urban rescuers in mind.

The exoskeleton is will streamline their work and allow them to perform search and rescue much more efficient.

- Mak Yilut

Professional Product Design Portfolio Available: