Miami "Muze-ic" Artist Megan Morrison! (IX ReverbNation Winner)

Who are you as a musician artist? What is your story?

I am just out here trying to speak my truth. I come from a lot of happiness but also pain in my life. I overcame addiction and battled with anxiety and depression. I’ve been able to overcome all of that and keep moving forward with gusto. I want to tell my story so I can help inspire others that may be going through hard times. I want to spread the message that we have to learn to love ourselves no matter what. We are all amazing in our own unique way.

Who are your musical influences?

Muse has a big influence on me. They have been my favorite band for a very long time. I am truly inspired by them. I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock, like Led Zeppelin and soul music, like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. All of that has influenced me. I also listened to a lot of Tom Petty. He was a great story teller and I try to do the same with my music.

What makes your music stand out in the music industry?

I am just trying to be my honest self, and there is no one else in the world who is me. My music is unique to my own personal story, therefor it stands out. I take a lot of different sounds from a lot of different genres. My music can be considered Electro Rock, but you also hear a lot of blues and soul in some of the songs. I have a background of classical training, so the tone you hear in my voice is different than a lot of the other singers you hear on the radio.

In your opinion, what is the future of the music industry, let’s say in 5 years?

I think rock is making a comeback. People are going to get tired of the same pop songs we keep hearing with meaningless lyrics and boring melodies. It is a crazy world out there and now is a time when people are really starting to do some soul searching. People are going to start wanting music with some more substance again.

What surprises you the most about music industry? Upsets you? Inspires you?

It’s not really a surprise anymore, but I am always disappointed when I see artists getting famous that really don’t have much talent. There are so many amazingly talented indie artists barely getting the recognition they deserve. What is inspiring though, is that social media has created a platform where it is possible to be discovered as an underdog now. You don’t necessarily need the big label to get big anymore, and that’s hopeful.

What’s your Poison?

Well, it used to be whiskey. Now that I’m sober, it’s a good dose of meditation and yoga. When I’m feeling really positive and good about myself I get more of a high than I ever did with any substance.

How is your Music “your Religion”?

I live it, breathe it, and pray about it everyday. Music is my therapy. Whatever emotion I’m feeling, I can release it through my music and that’s a blessing.

What are you creating with your artistry that changes the world?

I am trying to create a tribe of people who care about themselves and the well being of others. There are so many selfish people in the world, and a lot of them are just really hurting on the inside. I’m trying to bring light and hope to people in times that can be discouraging and dark. I want people around the world to be able to feel good about themselves and love one another. We need to start lifting each other up.

What is the message of your music?

I am trying to shed light on current issues, like addiction and corrupt politics. I feel like it is our duty as artists to be vocal about these issues, because people listen to our music and care about what we have to say. Music is a very powerful means of communication. A lot of my songs can be interpreted in different ways, but the underlying message is usually clear. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to think with my songs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m just speaking the truth.

How has luck played a role in your career? Or not? What was your luckiest moment?

I don’t really believe in luck. I think moments happen how they are meant to happen. I have worked very hard to get to where I am today. If you keep working hard and never give up, good things will happen. That’s not to say I don’t believe in ‘the right place at the right time’. I have done my research, made some great connections, and been introduced to amazingly talented people which has led to some incredible music making.

What do you really think it takes to “make it” as an artist? List 3 important strategies.

-Dedication. If you’re not committed to putting your absolute all into it, you’ll have to wish for ‘good luck’. It takes a lot of time, money and hard work.

-Love of your music. Even if you work your absolute hardest, there is still a good chance you wont make it big in the industry. You have to make sure you’re doing it because you love it and not rely on what the outcome may be.

-Self confidence. There are a lot of people that will try to push you down a long the way and there are a lot of other talented artists trying to do the same thing you are. You really have to believe in yourself.

What is your favorite life quote that inspires you?

I am really inspired by Albert Einstein. He was an amazing man and actually a distant relative of mine on my mother’s side. Two quotes of his have really stuck with me.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I try to live by this every day. Our lives truly are miracles.

The other quote is “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. I try to keep imagining impossible things every day, and not limiting myself to what I believe I know.

5 years ago what would you have done differently in your music career?

I would have started my solo career instead of putting all my energy and branding into my band. I’ve had to start all over again to make a solo name for myself. I wish I had done this from the start. I am grateful for all my experiences though. Now I know.

Where do you see your career going in five years? 10 years? Next year?

I see myself performing all over the world. I would like to start doing benefit concerts so I can give back with my music. I would hope to have a few more albums out by then. By next year I hope to be on tour!

Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want people to remember you and your work of art?

I want people to remember me as a woman who spoke the truth and didn’t try to be someone I wasn’t. I want my music to resonate in peoples lives and actions, so they can feel good about themselves and do good onto others.