Interview with ReverbNation Winner, NYC’s Emily Daniels!

1.Who are you as an artist? What is your story?

I'm not much of an artist. I'm just a goof with no clue what I'm doing.

2. How would you describe your music and what artists have inspired you in your style?

I was highly inspired by musicians like Kate Bush and David Bowie who create definite pop soundtracks, but with a little bit more storytelling.

3.What makes your music worth it to the world? To your fans?

It's therapeutic. It's therapeutic for me to make it and music generally is broadly therapeutic to people overall.

4. What do you feel is the future of music and the industry in 5 years?

Someone will invent a new, better music technology and we will all aggregate over there. I'm sure there will be much litigation.

5. What surprises you the most about the music industry from when you first started?

Nothing surprises me. People are insane and Murphy's law will always function as expected.

6. What’s your "Poison"?

I like corndogs and ice cream. I'm sure those are slowly poisoning me.

7. How is your Art “your religion”?

It's not my religion. It's just the only thing I know how to do, and I don't even know how to do it well.

8. What are you truly creating with your music that changes the world, changes society?

Nothing, really. Music doesn't change society as much as it reflects it.

9. What is the (spiritual, political, social) message of your music?

There's always at least a little bit of light in the darkness if you look for it.

10. Have you been “lucky” or “gifted” in the music industry so far? Tell us more:

I have not been lucky in life or in any industry so far. People say that I am gifted, but one can never know if that is sincerely meant or if people are just kissing your bum.

11. What do you really think it takes to make it in the music industry? Tell us 3 keys.

1. Money

2. A personality

3. Good music, obviously

12. What is your main inspirational philosophy in life? Favorite quote?

"...every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam." - Carl Sagan.

We're all just people doing the best we can.

13. If you could start over, what would you do differently in your career?

There's nothing I could change that I would have control over. So it's all good. No sense living in the past.

14. Where do you see your career going in five years? 10 years? Next year?

I want to be as idolized as Britney Spears and as fierce as Beyonce.

15. Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want your fans to remember you and your music?

I want people to remember me as someone who did as well as I could more often than not and to think of me with at least some fondness.