Interview with our ReverbNation Winners…Atlanta’s S.A.T.!!

1.Who are you as an artist? What is your story?

we are the the future of music.. right now hiphop is going thru another growing stage where the music is better then the past but its a bit odd one could even say a un mastered style . well we are the mastered new school style. we are two brothers that had a bit troubling childhood being in dfacs and being abused in those homes taught us family is all you have as well as never we mean never let your guard down sleep with both eyes open also go make a difference dont let the difference make you. we have 7+ sibilings and blood couldnt make us closer though we will throw down we will go out to eat afterwords we dont do grudges. we found a love for music at different times tho our oldest bro nam put both our heads in the game malice was first in at around 14 nova came in around 17.

it just came natural, we have always been about shooting for the impossible rather then the clearly possible. we started making noise out of lakewood south atlanta that we refer to as the sea aka south east atlanta. put out some music nothing the went to crazy start getting know around are area then made a bad move because times are hard momey is needed nova left town for 2 years to work on the road so the music stopped coming but the dream never died. malice while in the city of atl started to work with dj scream but since he wasnt gonna leave his little bro hanging kind of tiptoed the situation because the situation wasnt black and white with him just going solo.

well when nova turned 21 he stayed im the city for good s.a.t was reborn a new and kicked into full gear. we began working on gateway the ep and networking heavy with budget still a problem only so much music can be put out at once so while we have 100s of songs we do not own our beats to all so until everything is owned we dont put out the song bussiness first so we put out gateway 4 songs its quality over quantity we droped a few other singles and now were on our banger born next to come is sky fall. we want you to hear so much more about us the good the bad the sad the happy though we couldnt touch on because we would be talking for hours so to learn us its all about following our journey of overcoming our short comings to becoming legendary.

2.Who are some of your favorite artists and music influences?

the greats at this point im our career we just want to thank all of the artist who came before us they paved the way for us to make the music that we would like to make to make the moves that we would like to make so we can say Jay-Z with his mindset of business we can say Kanye West with his creativity we can say Michael Jackson with his variety and heart in which he could make a song we could say Chris Brown from how he sings and raps so effortlessly so it would just be easier to to say everyone because in hip-hop people don't really understand it but it's kind of sharing we take Knowledge from each other and then we give it to each other sometimes unknowingly sometimes knowing. but this is information that we share with each other through songs and it elevates through each artist that comes after so compilation of many many many different artists. we can't really say do we have a favorite artist anymore because one day our favorite artist maybe a pop singer one day our favorite artist maybe a rocker or reggae. music speaks to the soul so our favorite artists would have to be music kind of cheesy but hey we think every artist is great in their own right.

3.What is makes your music worth it? To the world? To your fans?

well to put worth on something that is priceless is hard but some charistics that can get you excited we put undertones that speak to dfacs kids as well as those pushed around not only do we do that we try to take you away we are your get away ship instead of some artist that talk soley about bing in the struggle we take you on journeys else were so like a much needed vacation we try to remove you from your situation when you put your earbuds in to listen to us we want you to relieve your pain not relive your pain so with that alone we are giving Worth to your peace of mind saying hey I understand where you've been I understand what you're going through here something you can relate to but at the same time let's look at it from a different scope and take you somewhere that you've never been one strong rule that we follow by is one must follow to leave so why all of our songs I'm not going to be a beacon individuality there are going to be those songs that stand out Above the Rest because some people don't like listening to different music and we're fine with that we want to cater to them as well we don't want to knock those people because they want to listen to something that they have already heard we're going to give them that and then we're going to give those people who want something different a different experience we're going to give them who evwr is out their what they want call us your music caterers know we are the best of all worlds not best of both

4. What is the future of music and the industry?

its going to be a mashup it's going to be like singing and rapping. but your going to have to have lyrics but it's also going to have to sound good. like it just can't be all over the place it has to be melodic it has to make you feel something on the inside that's where music is going people are getting more in tune to that like the Tunes going into their ear and feeling good sounding good not just singing and singing about nothing not just rapping and rapping about nothing but good genuine music that when you hear it. it does something good for you chill bumps makes you drop a tear or when you close your eyes you are somewere else that's where music is going alot don't see thats were its going but we see it

5. What surprises you the most about the music industry?

How poisonous and spiteful and crabby people are that have already made it people that are already successful so many people just wish to hold the next person down that's the thing that most surprises us you would think that other people would want to help lift other people up but it's actually the exact opposite you have to watch really closely because majority of people are willing and attempting to push you down instead of lift you up. Like people attempt to kill your confidence and all just to win even when their wining and your not even in their race yet they will try to stop you before you get a chance.

6. What’s your Poison?

our poison is our antidote and I would have to be family because of our childhood family is a major thing with us like major we're not going to tell you what to do to our family to make us feel and turn it into poison but know that I greatest weakness is our greatest strength and that's what's important making your weakness your strength.

7. How is your Art “your religion”?

It's not our religion it's part of our purpose our religion is the higher being the one that created all that is all religion music is get but a fragment of what we were put on this Earth to do to inspire motivate guide and teach through music

8. What are you truly creating with your music that changes the world, changes society?

With music we're going to inspire the mines further development because a lot of music now is head banging buss against the wall we seek to enlighten in propel those that will listen to our music at first you think and hear our music is being nice and chanty Real real good music but when you take a moment away and you listen to the lyrics you begin to become enlightened and you will be taught different things and that will spark change in the society in which we live and that's not even speaking on the many different things that we plan on doing when we have amassed a large funding because as we stated before music is simply the base of the mountain not the tip so many ways to do it we want to help in some sort of way with music we want to speak to those who thought they didn't have somebody to speak to we want to light those dark spots on the Earth we want to end a lot of different things and only time will tell what we can do with the voices that we will gain and we will be so blessed to be able to do everything that we're setting out to do

9. What is the message of your music?

 a political message in our music would have to be stop being so self for lying on a government you wouldn't be so quick to believe someone you just met look at the government like that you don't know them you never seen them don't be so quick to believe that they have your best intentions we need to become a self-sufficient society and we rely on the government to much and they are taking advantage of us because of it and they rely on our ignorance and our quick flare tempers and are deep-seeded hate to gain and amass more power against all of us not just some of us all of us and that's just one of our political views inside of our music.

10. Have you been “lucky” or “gifted” in the music industry  so far? Tell us more:

We don't quite believe in look and we don't believe in the gifted we believe in working hard and with that being said we have had luck we've had many opportunities have actually let some slip through our fingers mistakes that happen once but would never happen again right now we have a deal on a table and we're going to take it we're not going to disclose it right now because as of right now the paperwork has not been pushed through but we got some nice things coming and hopefully this move to a bigger Market will help us substantially.

11. What do you really think it takes to make it in the music  industry? Tell us 3 keys.

Business relationships and willingness to do anything to get it done.

12. What is your main inspirational philosophy in life? Favorite quote?

For Nova it's what known needs not to be said for malice its gods are silent

13. What do you regret the most in your music and would have done differently?

Not working with Tity Boi when he pulled up at our house when we were teenagers in the asked to work with us. In our defense Nova the one that said no because he didn't know who he was in his name kind of threw him off.

14. Where do you see your career going in five years? 10 years? Next year?

Next year signed 5 years on tour music full-time 10 years headliners.

15. Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want your fans  to remember you and your music?

Phoenixes from the Ashley risen a flame that can never be burned out we will live forever Immortal we will become as our music flourishes and it's something that everyone can listen to not just a few not just many but everyone we want to touch billions of people not just Millions from a dim light we became a bright light that many can look up to and be proud to follow in our footsteps

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