Interview with our ReverbNation Winner, New York’s Kevin Andreas!

Who are you as an artist?

As an artist, I’m me. I couldn’t be anything else. I write songs, I produce and perform music, and I try not to be bound by any genre or influence.  I began playing instruments when I was 6, starting with saxophone, then piano, guitar, and later bass and drums. I started singing when I was 12. I began performing in ​local​ bars when I was 14. I grew up in upstate New York in a town called Warwick and moved the city when I was 20 to pursue music professionally. Since then I built a recording studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn where I've produced for A$AP Rocky, Sandra Bernhard, American Idol Star JAX, and a bunch of other really talented people. As an artist I was running the house band at the Cafe Wha in the West Village for a while, have released an EP (Technicolor Love) in 2015 which was featured on Beats 1 radio and featured a music video for the single “Give It To Me," and then an independent single in 2016 which was on Spotify’s “Discover Weekly​" as well as two Filtr’s top Spotify playlists. I am currently finishing up songs with JAX for her release and material for a full length album of my own.
Who are some of your favorite artists and music in​fl​uences?

Prince, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix

What is makes your music worth it? To the world? To your fans?

If I can impact one person in a positive way, that makes it all worth it.

What is the message of your music?

My music has no definitive direction. It changes when I change, when the world changes. Art is a constantly evolving response to the world around it.

What is the future of music and the industry?

That is impossible to answer for me. All I can do is hope that there will still be an industry in 20 years..

What surprises you the most about the music industry? 

At this point, very little surprises me about this industry

What’s your Poison?

My poison? I don’t care much for poison..

How is your Art “your religion”?

A religion is something that you believe in. In that way, music will always be my religion.

What are you truly creating with your music that changes the world? Changes Society?

I just hope to create something that touches people in a positive way. To help them better understand themselves through things I’ve been through and write about.

Have you been “lucky” or “gifted” in the music industry so far? Tell us more:

I would say anyone that makes music for a living is gifted, yes.

What do you really think it takes to make it in the music industry? Tell us 3 keys.

Perseverance. Determination. Discipline.

What is your main inspirational philosophy in life? Favorite quote?


What do you regret the most in your music and would have done differently?

I cannot afford to have regrets. Everything is a lesson.

Where do you see your career going in fi​ve years? 10 years? Next year?

I would like to be touring my latest record and producing great music. Working with everyone and anyone I can.

Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want your fans to remember you and your music? 

You cannot choose the way in which you are remembered. You can only strive to create honest and meaningful work that reaches others. One person. Ten people. Ten million people. Then maybe people will remember you were someone loved what they did, and the life they chose to lead.

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