Interview with our ReverbNation Winner, Denver’s Kedence!

  1. Age and how long you’ve been in the industry:

Age:29 | I have been in the industry for 9 years so far.

2. What’s your zodiac sign?

Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Gemini cusp

3. What is your inspirational philosophy in life? What’s your favorite quote?

My main inspirational philosophy is what my mom taught me and that is to be grateful no matter how big or small something is. Also be grateful. | Favorite Quote: “Art Decorates space, music decorates time.” ~ unknown

4. Who are YOU as an artist? What is your story?

I used to be SUPER shy when it came to performing, singing or even sharing my creations with others. When I got into producing I felt more confident and used it as a way to be less shy when it came to sharing my art. Then I got more comfortable singing in front of others. My mom taught me everything I know about singing and songwriter she is my biggest inspiration in music. Her songwriting also inspired me to want to produce.

5. Who are your musical influences and what genre would you say your style of music is:

My musical influences: my mom, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston , Celine dion, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris , will I am, Benny benassi, and so many others ! I would say I have a diverse range of genres, from pop, to EDM, r&b and even folk. I would say most of my own releases are dance pop.

6. What is the state of the music industry right now and where is it going?

I would say the state of the music industry right now is in need of something really different and inspirational. I think the industry is headed for something more experimental and different. I think the industry will always be successful because music is an escape and the universal language it brings so many people together.

7. How is your art “your religion?”

Art is my religion because I practice and create daily. I’m always in a musical routine and it is a huge component in my life. If I’m not in the studio making it, I’m talking about it, listening to it, etc.

8. What are you truly creating with your music that changes the world and society?

What I’m truly creating with music that changes the world and society is tapping into emotions and feelings that we are sometimes scared to escape and really striking a chord in peoples soul. Also the mother/daughter partnership that I share with my mom in creating music together  based on experiences.

9. What is the spiritual, political or social message of your music?

The spiritual message that my music sends is that we’re never truly alone even when we think we are and there’s someone dealing with similar struggles. The social message Emmy music sends is that there is a certain type of unity and support that we can all give one another.

10. What do you think it really takes to make it in the music industry? Tell us 3 keys.

 3 keys that I think are essential to making it in the industry is: consistency, good work ethic, empathy

11. Where do you see your career going in 2018?

In 2018 I see my career really taking off. I would like to book more shows and get my music heard around the world. I would also like to do more collaborations with other artist and write and produce for other artists as well.

12. Legacy, at the end of the day, how to you went your fans to remember you and your music?

I want my fans to remember me as passionate and able to capture the heart, emotion and real things that we all deal with. I want my fans to remember me as an artist that has music that truly speaks to the soul.


Twitter: @justkedence

Instagram: @justkedence