Interview with our ReverbNation Winner, Carolina’s Lumi Naughty!

1. Who are you as an artist? What is your story?

Well, it’s a little domino effect. I attended Elizabeth Modeling International & Barbizon at the age of 11 and I took the “working the crowd skills” and fearlessness and turned my poems into actual tracks at the age of 15. I always wanted to sing, but I thought “hey lets rap, make money, blow and then pay for singing lessons.” [Lol] As an artist & Model, I am extremely versatile. I’m a Pop artist, whose music incorporates my Latin culture creating a new sound. I’m also a Marine Corps Veteran and a cancer survivor. I’m very determined and love to educate myself in this industry and apply it to my daughters’ as well as my own career. I’m energetic and love to tap into my Latin sexy side. “Ya tu sabes que las latinas son sexy.” I love and appreciate all of my fans and supporters and so I give them a real how every time I perform. Dancers, costumes, lights; the works. They love them some LuMi, and so I always show my love and appreciation.

2. Who are some of you favorite artists and music influences?

As far favorite artists I’m going to go with Rihanna, Tinashe, Pitbull, and Missy Elliott. As far as a music influence I’m going to have to say music as a whole; all different types. From meringue, batchata, salsa, to pop, hip hop, reggaeton and rock.

3. What makes your music worth it? To the world? To your fans?

What makes the music worth it are the listeners, emotions and culture. I am a survivor, from both cancer and just surviving the hood. Don’t get me wrong I like to dance and party, but at the same time I have those records speaking on how to overcome and stand strong. I let you in on my life as well and show you that you are not the only one who’s experienced whatever the situation may be. The world deserves the truth from me and only the best in entertainment.  My fans are my everything as far as my music. I respond to their messages and comment and share some of their posts as well. They show love I show it right back. It may take me a min. to reply because my inbox is insane [LOL], but I’ll reply. I will always reply.

4. What makes you different from all the artists out there? Come on brag a bit..

My style, swag, music and sound make me unique. My music and my voice alone make me different. The name “LUMI NAUGHTY” itself means my bubbly/ good girl side and my bad / naughty. I don't sound like any of the mumble rappers out now on the radio. I’m a fresh sound, great energy and I’m an all around artist.  Another reason I'm different is due to strong grind and work ethic. Everyone that sees me on social media and out an about know I go in! And they continuously show love. I distribute my own music to online digital stores, manage myself, book my shows, and blast my social media. I’m going to go to school for Artist an entertainment business Management as well just to increase my knowledge in the field.

5. What is the future of music and the industry?

The future is definitely going to be open to different sounds and types of artists. Not only that there are new platforms appearing everyday whole wide. This gives Indie artists more entrepreneurial power and control over their music. Due to services and start-ups there has been a so many opportunities given back to the artists as well as all participants throughout the industry. As far as the mumble rap, I hope it fades away, It hurts my brain thank God they’re on some hot beats. I can eventually block out the low frequencies and just listen to the beat.

6. What surprises you the most about the music industry?

Before I even knew the break down and details I thought those artists signed to major labels with 360 deals look great but barely make money. I don’t need credit I want cash, and business and assets. At first I was looking to get signed and have had plenty offers on the table, but then I realized I just need endorsements and sponsors. =-). Plus a little investors here and there.

7. What’s your Poison?

Strawberry Champagne, Spa treatments, Shopping, music and dancing.  I noticed you said poison, as in ONE, but I just had to list some.

8. How is your music “your religion”?

Music is my religion in that when I am listening to certain pieces of music I feel a reverence creeping over me, an awe that has a spiritual quality. It’s like my brain generates a mind a persona, and attributes it to the music. Without music I’d be bored and extremely irritable. Its spiritual no matter the genre and so it’s in way my religion.

9. What are you truly creating with your music that changes the world, changes society?

I want the world to see that I have been through hard times just like everyone has, but I am proof that no matter what the obstacle you will overcome and persevere. I’ve grown up in the hood, dodged bullets and drive-bys, lived in a shelter with my daughter, survived cancer and much more. However, we all have a bigger purpose in life and all those mishaps and experiences make you stronger. Just listen to my single: “WHY WE EXIST” ft Tyanna Reshay & Shyst Vader off the “SATISFACTIONS” [EP], It speaks on how we need to keep heading towards our goals and light up the paths for those who can’t see.

10. What is the spiritual message of your art?

My spiritual message would be more or so that we have a Ying & Yang; a good and a naughty side. You just need to learn how to create a balance between both, but everyone has them. That’s why many relate to certain tracks. Some prefer the LuMi persona and those that are more “no filter” love them some Naughty. We should be free, whether good or bad it’s a freedom and I love it! Let your spirit and soul be free.

11. Have you been “lucky” or “gifted” in the arts so far? Tell us more:

I don't believe in luck. I believe in gifts & blessings. I have been blessed by God, my spirits and my ancestors. They are always with me and I am grateful for that.

12. What do you think it takes to make it in the music industry!

It takes hard work dedication focus commitment and sacrifices. Opportunities come once in a lifetime so when they come you need to be ready. You have to be strong minded and educated in the field. There are many sharks and snakes out there that you most def. need to be on the lookout for.

13. What is your main inspirational philosophy in life? Fav. quote?

My favorite inspirational quote would be: “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible.’ – By Audrey Hepburn. You can say I’m one of those that truly believe nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it and have the right resources.  For example, we all know pigs don’t fly, but if you strap some aeronautic equipment on it with some wings it’ll fly [lol]. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE in my eyes.

14. What do you regret the most in your art?

I have no regrets. Being regretful regarding my craft would mean somewhere down the line I would have doubted myself. Everything that happened and happens to me thus far helps me build my “life resume” so I really don’t trip as far as regrets.  

15. Where do you see your career going in five years?

Mannnnn I wish had the power to see where my career would be and what hotel in Dubai I’d be in 5 years, [LOL] but only the powers that be can tell. However, I can say I will be chilling enjoying my blessings. I’ll be thankful for everything I've accomplished from my modeling, music career, my perfumes, businesses and apparel line to all those lives I will have touched and blessed.

16. Who is the perfect artist you would love to perform with? 

Man.. I can’t say just one. So I’d say Missy Elliott & Pitbull. I love their energy! Sh*t I gotta add Rihanna too! [I love me some Riri]

15. Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want your fans to remember you and your music?

I would like to be remembered as a Luminary. One who inspires others. Those that know me, know I’m determined and don’t back down easily. I’m that one that’s constantly saying pass the sky is the limit and everything is possible.  

They’ll remember me as the brave one that decided to create her own sound rather than follow a trend.  That one who’s’ music makes you move and who’s music you can actually relate to. They’ll def. remember my persona, fun personality, talent and huge smile that lights up a room.