Exclusive! Linda Liu Tells you All About NYC Fashion

So you currently live in New York City, tell us your story….

Have you ever had a feeling that you just know you belong to certain place? That’s exactly what I felt when I first made a visit to New York in 2017. The vitality and diversity here totally overwhelmed me and I knew this was the place for my fashion dreams.

There were thousands of resumes I sent out but no one really replied.

When I was just about to give up on everything, I got my first internship in a creative agency! I started learning everything that I never done in my life (I came from business administration major)..this was photography, graphic design, retouching, content curation, videography etc. you name it!

Producing events with fashion, art and music all together allowed me to meet so many great creatives in New York City. Every day I get so inspired by the people I meet in the Big Apple.

Tell us about your experience working during fashion week in NY and Milan.

Participating in NY Fashion week was always a dream for me ever since I was a kid. Reading about those runway shows in magazines and on the internet, that’s how I started to fall in love with fashion! Years later, being assigned as the Creative Director for NY Fashion Week for "Find Your ID NYC" was definitely an honor but also a challenge for me.

Model casting is never easy since there are so many great potential models in New York and only certain models match our designer's needs. I go on Pinterest every day just to get inspiration for the creative side of each fashion show.

Creating moodboards for designers, models and makeup artists is one of my favorite things during Fashion Week because I just love to see all kinds of creative and fashionable things been put together! Being in charge of the backstage is definitely the most difficult task ever in my life.

Everything is hectic and I need to make sure all the models, stylists and make up artists are on the same page.

I’d say the experience is a chance in a lifetime and I’m looking forward for more adventures like this in the future.

Can you tell us about your expertise in fashion marketing and PR?

As a visual person, I have my expertise in photography and graphic design. I love to put my inspiration into the image and make them look as glamorous as they can. Every company needs marketing and PR, and I believe great visual work will always capture their eye at the first sight.

Tell us about a great achievement of yours?

One of my best achievements is being selected to participate as a stylist and photographer for Milan Fashion Week for our company.

Working with the production team during this lucky I was to be able to participate in one of my dream places in the world!

Why do brands love to work with you? 

I like to pitch a bigger picture for the brand so they can also put their ideas together to make "a mutual impact". Listening to their needs from the heart and then adding my perspective & vision is the best way to extend the biggest value for my clients.

Another big reason I’d say is my personality.

Instead of thinking it as "work with brands", I like to think as working with friends and make them fully trust me when talking about any project or photo shoot.

- Linda Liu