Exclusive Interview with Lucia Dúdorová

You come from a fantastic architectural background! What inspired you to pursue this career?

My grandfather was a big influence for me. He was working as a Heating Technician and he is very "technical" type of person.

I remember him saying to me , "Building construction will continue for the rest of time".

He was the one who brought my attention to architecture and gave me that little push to go for it. I was also lucky that I had an opportunity to travel a lot when I was a kid but as an adult as well, to see global architecture with my own eyes.

I have visited a lot of countries such as Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Croatia. I was absolutely fascinated by the architecture and how it differs from country to country.

What has been a project you most admire and your favorite influences? What have they taught you?

The project I admire the most is "Fallingwater" by American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania. This is a masterwork with connection between nature and a man-made structure.

"Fallingwater" was constructed of native sandstone and other materials quarried from the property. This residency is basically cantilevered over the falls in it's beautiful environment and forest surroundings.

"Fallingwater" is open to public, and one day I will visit to see it in person!

What is your education and credentials in this field?

My education path started in Secondary School of Construction in Slovakia.

After my graduation, I could tell that this was the right way for my career. I learned a lot and it was a great background for my future. Exploring this field brought me to the United States where I continue to chase my dream!

I then attended Bergen Community College and graduated in 2018 with an Associate degree in Drafting and Design.

During my last semester I did CO-OP position at my current job and right now doing OPT.

What is your next greatest project for 2020?

The greatest project for next year is Steris- global leading sterilization and decontamination specialist. We are going to build an X-ray shield in Chester, NY. This a very unique project and I am excited to be part of it.

We are starting to prepare a construction documents in DataCad and I have even modelled in 3D in Revit. - Lucia Dúdorová