Exclusive Interview with Actress Swarnima Singh

How did you start your journey as an Actress? Please share:

Acting was an unexpected turn for me, while looking back it was always something I enjoyed. I guess in that sense you could say it started at a very young age, with school plays and doing theatre.

I remember graduating from high-school, a teacher of mine asked me "what I wanted to pursue" and I said something along the lines of starting a business of my own, I had no clue doing what and she said “Why don’t you think of becoming an actor? I expect to see you in the movies one day or on TV”.

Back then I just brushed it off as her being sweet but I think about where I am now and how she called it haha.. Creative expression has been a big part of my life, so when I was pursuing music and performing at shows across India and being in college at the same time, I found myself at a crossroads wondering where I was going next... because I realized that I'm happiest when I am creating.

Incidentally, I came across an interview relating to acting that was the turning point for me, making the decision of giving acting a go professionally. I told my parents, who were super supportive.

I enrolled in a course in India where I made my first short film and it was so fulfilling that I knew it was what I needed to be doing.

Although I think New York is where I really began to find my feet, the work that I’ve done since I made the move here has been instrumental to my growth as a performer and establishing myself as an actor.

Im excited for the journey ahead of me!

What has been the the most influential projects you have worked on?

I really enjoy working on projects where you end up forming friendships and relationships with the people you work with, because it just makes the experience that much more personal.

I’m lucky to have worked on a few projects as such, the latest one being a music video for a song called White Nails by Prettyboyshav which has been doing really well & featured on a few recognized music blogs.

I LOVED working on it because it was so much fun and I felt so comfortable during the filming. It’s also interesting to note the difference of working with mediums like the films I’ve been apart of vs music videos or a web-series. I have to say one of the most influential in terms of learning for me was the conservatory show I did at The Marilyn Monroe Theatre.

The experience of working with our talented director Mike Keller over the course of 3 months taught me so much, especially having performed pieces like "Almost Maine" by John Cariani.

I was playing a character that is completely opposite of me as a person, I’d like to think that I’m more cool, calm and collected (most of the times haha) while my character was just off the rails, unhinged but emotional and sensitive at the same time!!

Working with a completely fresh & emotional approach to the material challenged me a great deal and pushed me to expand my range. 

Im very grateful for it. 

With our current times, how do you think the Acting industry will shift in the city of NYC and in the future?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, the quote “Tough times never last but tough people do” by Robert H. Schuller is what comes to mind with regards to the present situation we’re all facing.

Artist’s all around the world have most certainly been impacted heavily by Covid-19 in terms of losing out on opportunities,

it isn’t easy to say the least and New York is no different in that sense but there is a certain level of resilience that comes with being an artist that I feel has and will continue to keep us going, especially in NYC.  

I am positive and I am hopeful...