Artist Spotlight on our Global ReverbNation Winners; Moscow / LA rock duo "The Tweed"

1. Who are you as a musician artist? What is your story?

We’re The Tweed rock band. At the moment it consists of two musicians - Greg (Vocals, Guitars, Keys) and Matt (Drums, Percussion). We met by chance, in a project where both of us

participated as session musicians - guitarist and drummer. Within a few hours of playing together, we realized that our musical tastes are pretty much the same, and decided to create

a project where we could implement our own ideas.

This project (named The Tweed) was initially intended to be a quintet and we started to look for three more members. We quickly found two more instrumentalists – bassist and key player.

But the searching process was stalled with lead vocalist… So, we spent about 2 years and listened to over 1000 guys from all over the world and still had nobody to work with. This caused frustration for the other two The Tweed members and they decided to leave the band.

To resolve the crisis, Greg began to learn singing and took the role of the lead vocalist. But there was no despair - during all this time we had accumulated tons of

musical material, and began to bring it to life.

In April 2016, the band released their first single - “Someone I Know”, which quickly received airtime on plenty of radio stations around the world (US, UK, EU, including major KLOS 95.5 and Cambridge University Radio).

In September 2016 The Tweed became a winner in the Unsigned Only 2016 competition. The band has been selected among over 6000 entries from over 100 countries by the judicial committee including The Killers and The Struts.

We used to use session bass players for gigs but that sometimes lead to unpredictable results, so we finally decided to confirm The Tweed as a duo. To resolve the problem of

completeness of our show we have developed a special audiovisual real-time playback system called MIDOOZA. The presentation of our first live performance using MIDOOZA

took place in the fall of 2019.

2. Who are your top musical influences?

We were influenced by many great, mostly rock bands. Our childhood heroes were iconic The Beatles, The Queen, Deep Purple, AC / DC, Pink Floyd. Growing up and developing as musicians, we discovered more and more new names - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Coldplay, Jack White. Of course, the modern industry also offers a plenty of interesting and

inspiring artists like Kaleo, GrandSon, Royal Blood, Twenty One Pilots. All these bands are incredibly musical and talented.

Actually, there are too many names to list all of them - Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Sam Smith, Kings Of Leon, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Black Keys, Tom Odell, RATM ... to name just a few.

3. What do you really think it takes to “make it” as an artist? List three important strategies!

The first rule of Musician’s Club is: You work 24/7 The second rule of Musician’s Club is: You work 24/7. In the modern world, when a huge amount of music is released and almost anyone can afford to record a track, high art requires a serious approach. To stand out among the big

stream of information you need to be a professional. This applies to all aspects of creating music - writing, performing, recording, producing... All this requires an investment of time

and effort 24/7.

The Third one: Formation of a good musical taste. Working on yourself certainly helps with it (when you’re growing up as a musician you for sure are improving as a listener). However, this

is not enough. You have to be well versed in music, know its origins and modern trends, constantly listen to new artists. In our opinion, the main strategy to “make it” is to create a cool

unique musical content that is interesting to people. Despite the fact that the world is rapidly changing (not only in music industry), the core values ​​remain the same - Love, Friendship,

Honesty, Peace, Equality. So, if you really sincerely speak about what excites you, what is close to you, then this will surely find a response in the hearts and souls of the listeners.

4. What is your favorite life quote or philosophy that inspires you?

Greg: The World’s Wisdom contains a great amount of great quotes belong to the great people. These are just two of them, which correspond with me the most:

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts” “Talent is an ability to believe in success. It’s a nonsense, when they say that I suddenly discovered my talent. I just worked hard”

Matt: For me the main point is to love what you do. Work a lot and do it well.

That’s the way to get the harmony inside.

5. So..5 years ago what would you have done differently in your music career?

We spent the most of time doubting ourselves and thinking that we needed someone else besides the two of us to create music. Much of it was spent on the search for a bass player and a vocalist, an outsource mix engineer and so on. Anyway, now we’ve got a lot of experience and a firm understanding that self- confidence and ability to take responsibility are vital in today's world. Therefore, in conditions of this question, we would rather

speed up the making of key decisions than “change” something.

6. Where do you see your career going in five years? 10 years? Next year?

Now we’re actively working on a new a material and going to release many tracks

and make a few big live shows this year. The plans for two years are to get a record deal with one of the major labels. At the moment two band members are responsible for all phases of song creation (songwriting, arrangement, recording and mixing, production) and we are comfortable with this. On the other hand, there are many non-musical types of activities, without which it is difficult (and even impossible) to imagine a present- day artist - (PR, distribution, SMM, ...). And, of course, this part also requires a professional approach. So, The

The Tweed are constantly looking for a Team/Record Label ready to be involved in the creation of wonderful music.

The plans for three years: World recognition, Fans, Stadiums!

Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want people to remember you and your work of art?

As songwriters, we’re setting the bar high for ourselves - to create high art apprehensible to everybody. It would be great if even after 100 years, our oeuvre resonates in the open souls of people and help them find spiritual unity and harmony and our songs make people less lonely and happier and bring them fun, of course. This is a difficult and interesting task. We are not there yet, but we are getting closer...






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