Artist Spotlight on NYC Actor Guilherme Pimentel! (THICKK MAGAZINE)

1. Who are you as an actor? What is your story?

As an artist I have a lot to scream and express about! To experience the stage and the circumstances created 500 years ago is a blessing that the audience takes a sip from, connecting, silencing on the mind, that’s my aim as an artist.

I began my acting in elementary school, back in 2002, I did my first play "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I never thought it would become my profession in life, I had two characters and an amazing experience.

I did my clown classes during a period that I was depressed, I was working in Rio de Janeiro as a court assistant, during Law school. I knew Yeda Dantas, I got to work with kids in a children's parade during carnival parties, and slowly got better, while completing my degrees in Marketing and Advertising. Then I met Hamilton de Oliveira and it was a shock, everything he said, every technique, was a tremendous shock as a new actor. Living under "imaginary circumstances" was helping my personal life by surprisingly expressing what was going on inside of me.

2. How do you prepare for your roles, get into character? 

"Living under imaginary circumstances" (a famous saying by Sanford Meisner) requires specificity, research and bold choices: "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What do I want? What are my obstacles? How am I going to overcome them? What is my relation to money... my circumstances to the society?" these are very basic questions that requires us to go deep inside of us to respond and express completely. Rehearsals are stage experiences and from them we learn what else could be done to fully understand in the body how the choices feels.

3. Who have you trained with?

I worked with Yeda Dantas, Hamilton de Oliveira, Michael Monks and Eric Morris. The most important thing to say is all this work is based on Stanislavsky work, the use of imagination

developed by Stella Adler, Bobby Lewis, Katheryn Gately, the sensory work, knowing how to

nurture my subconscious with the circumstances of the play, that's the most important thing before going to the stage.

4.What is a dream project you fantasize about working on? Your favorite work so far?

The classical plays light me up cause they talk about the simple things on live, they don't exaggerate or over do a situation so they have something strong enough to have attention, simplicity on the work, writers like Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Anton Chekhov, Leo Tolstoi, Fyodor Dostoyevsky allows us to work on the circumstances and to fully understand it we depend on the choices we made on the character's past.

5. What are you creating with your artistry that changes the world?

My creative process begins with meditation, silence on the mind, that's what electrifies me in life, to have conscious that we are not flesh and bones and there is much more to be discovered. All of these sounds pretentious, I'm changing myself first, that's my priority.

6. What is your favorite life quote that inspires you?

“Life beats and crushes the soul, art remembers that you have one.” - Stella Adler

7. Where do you see your career going in five years?

Working, working, working, my progress in life depends on how concentrate I am on my work. Minimizing the thoughts on my head, that’s what matters. 

8. Legacy: At the end of the day, how do you want people to remember you and your work of art?

My focus is how can I fully experience the stage and understand the character. If there is an audience to distract me, let’s do it together, that’s my challenge. - Guilherme Pimentel





Instagram: @gui.pimentell