Artist Spotlight on Animator Ella Dobson

Why Animation?

I love bringing stories to life.

Animation allows you to do that in a variety of ways, it’s an exciting medium where you’re constantly learning new ways to communicate ideas.

Whether it be the story of a brand, an individual or a film/TV show, they’re all stories and I like to tell them. Animation allows me to tap into my passion for illustration, design and typography. As I have a foundation in those areas, these skills always feed into how I animate, whether that be through composition or style.

It’s the perfect blending of all crafts.

What has been your most influential design project?

Two pieces comes to mind. They are pieces that surface hard to discuss topics for some. These works have had a great response overall and perhaps prompted people to truly reflect on their values.

One is the #metoo project, ’Daniela’, which I worked on with the 2D animation team at Hornet, a production company in NYC. It was one of four PSAs released by the #MeToo movement to support survivors of sexual violence. 

The other project of influence is the animation I did for The New York Times' second series of Conception, 'When Your Child's Bogeyman Is Real.'

We hear Melissa’s story, a mother who’s struggling with her son’s anxiety around the Parkland, Florida mass shooting in 2018.

The film has been well received, with it screening at TAAFI (Toronto Arts Animation Film Festival International), and winning numerous awards.

About Me..
Originally from New Zealand, I've worked with clients and studios across Auckland, Sydney, Los Angeles and New York. The projects I touch span from film and TV, through to more commercial work in advertising.